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Note to self - Never wear toms when it is really cold and raining.  Stepped in a huge puddle and my feet are soaked!

Things are going good.  Not getting the migraines quite as often and I’m learning to work through them.  Gotta still get shit done.  Ya know?!

I’m trying to get back into running and lifting, etc. it’s slow going, because if I overdo it, it can trigger a migraine.

I think I’ve figured out that cheese is front and center causing a lot of them.  But I LOVE cheese?! At least I can still have american cheese - that’s something right?!

Things are going good though - about 6 weeks or so until the wedding and I am so excited!!!!  We booked our honeymoon in Cancun and I can’t wait!! Especially with the weather we’re having today.  I’m not nervous at all, just excited and I want it to hurry up and get here!

Q: I don't know how people stay motivated in the beginning? I've started an stopped so many times. How do people get from hating exercise to loving it? How do people end up liking healthy foods? I can't stand most veggies or fruits. I'm very limited so far on healthy foods. Exercising leaves me feeling worse from when I started an it normally hurts to exercise. I feel like I'll never get to where I wanna be. I wanna get healthy I really do. I just feel like sooo many things are stacked against me.



I hear what your saying. Majority of us have been there. We all have to start from scratch . Your good! Your fine!
This is what I did:
1.Start with the baby steps
2. Looked around to find an exercise to start with. I did Zumba, cuz it made me feel like I was dancing. ( and I am not a dancer). I chose this because it also had an instructor to motivate me. All I had to do was show up and follow the leader. But even walking swimming bowling golfing…. Whatever. Check things out. But make sure you LIKE/LOVE it.
3.With food.. I started with the few veggies I did like and after awhile I ventured out..
4 . I had workout buddies, my two daughters.(hubby at times)
5. Set baby goals.
6. Check out my daughters blog ” name is Sharee Hansen/Samuels. She’s lost 125 pounds.her blogs have tabs that say “how to get started”, “how to stay motivated” etc. amazing stuff!
You can do it. I know u can. Just need to find the things you love! Keep positive! And go from there!
God Bless you!

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Q: I just posted something on my Tumblr about the difficulty I'm having being able to sustain a run for more than a few minutes at a time... could you have a look & give me your thoughts? It's starting to drag me down a bit :/



I hope you don’t mind me publishing this, but I think other beginners will also benefit from my response!

Running for more than a few minutes when I first started was SO dang difficult. I couldn’t do it either. I thought I was going to die. I hated the world. I hated my body’s lack of strength to push forward. And I was slow. 13-15 minute miles at best. But I stuck with it. 

I. Stuck. With. It. 

Keep up with the c25k program. I promise it works. Slow your pace down, and remember: Your body isn’t always the one giving up first, but it’s your mind. I didn’t run an entire 5k without walking until NINE months after I started running. Push just a little bit further and a little bit harder every time you run. It’s a mental game even for me two years later, but you’ll get there. 

During my first half marathon, I ran the first 11 miles without walking. It was insane. But walking during a run is good, too! It gives my legs a moment to loosen back up and to prevent soreness afterwards. You can do this! 

My mind is going crazy today

Confession: I have been a smoker off and on for almost 18 years now.  The past 6 months I have been smoking an e-cigarette with an occasional real cigarette. 

I am trying to give up both and I’m losing my friekin mind today.  I can’t sit still, I can’t concentrate, I’ve been shopping all day and redecorating trying to stay busy.  Tomorrow I’m going to buy some patches to use for a few days - hopefully that will help… it usually does.

Wish me luck guys - I REALLY want to quit for good.


haha i love this


haha i love this

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Please help me prove a point: 

Reblog this if you love getting random “I miss you / I love you” texts 

All the time. 

Migraines again…

Sorry, I swear this isn’t turning into a migraine blog - but they’re back

I started getting depression side effects from the migraine medicine last Thursday and Friday.  The doctor told me to cut back the medicine from three times a day to two.  This tuesday the migraines came back and I have had them the past 4 days.  Boo.

I just emailed my neurologists office and hope to hear back from them tomorrow.  I don’t know if there’s another medicine I can be on that won’t have those same side effects, but I’m hopeful.

Eric and I just booked our honeymoon in Cancun and I would like to be able to go outside in the sun without hurting.

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