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Birthday Part 2 in Photos (In reverse order)

1) Made da bomb breakfast - Huevos Rancheros (Black bean, egg, and avocado taco - SOOO GOOD!!!

2) Avocado BLT on Wheat for lunch with an apple (I’m on an avocado kick, can ya tell?)

3-5) Before and after 30DS photos and a conversation with Eric about shredding… Funeral for my fat indeed.

6) Finally, we went to Redrock Canyon Grill on the lake for dinner with Eric, my sister and her fiancé.  I had this amazing salad with rotisserie chicken.  It was delish but they changed the dressing.  It used to be a really unique tangy vinaigrette, but last night it was just balsamic.  Still really good though!

7) Not pictured - I did have to get my car towed last night (BOO) The stupid ignition completely locked up on me yesterday.  I’m really hoping it’s not too expensive. I’ve been really lucky with this car so far.  Just glad it happened when I was right around the corner from home and was able to walk back to the house and that it didn’t happen the day before when I was in Wichita!

  1. rachaelfightsback said: Oh jeez! I’m super glad your car didn’t do that on Tuesday. Shirt looks GREAT on you!!! I’ll have to wear mine soon. I tried it on quick though and love it!
  2. fromlazytolively said: Girl you look GREAT!! Sorry about your car being towed but it looks like everything else was awesome! :)
  3. weightandwit said: Avocado!!!
  4. kat-rd2be posted this

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